About Kaita


In 2001, at the bequest of her worried mother, a black and blue streaky-haired, punk teenager with an attitude walked into her first Kirtan event with Ragani on Milwaukee’s east-side. Her musical influences at the time included bands like Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Marilyn Manson, to name a few. Her favorite after-school activity was sitting alone in her room blasting this music and writing bad poetry.

When Kaita experienced her first kirtan, she remembers a sense of familiarity in the mantras and a feeling that her whole life was about to change. She developed an interest in yoga, completed a teacher-training course, and became a body worker and Ayurvedic practitioner. She travels to India regularly, and loves to be immersed in the culture of devotion and personal growth.

Before attending kirtan, Kaita would never sing, not even in the shower. Now, she’s known for her distinctive vocals, has lead kirtan events around the U.S. and released an album in 2011 and is working on a second. Kaita’s passion for bringing together community inspired her to start a local devotional festival,Kirtan Fest Milwaukee, that has been running successfully since 2012.

It is with deep gratitude and appreciation for the practice that Kaita shares her music and her heart in the form of sacred mantra.